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Why is Cyber Security Important in 2019?

Published on May 6, 2019 | byJimmy Spencer, Senior Security Architect

From the blog post appearing in Security First:

"Why is cybersecurity important all of a sudden? Not that long ago, it was primarily something for only the techies to worry about. Corporate leaders widely viewed it as the responsibility of their IT department. Many thought - perhaps naively, it now seems - that so long as the right firewalls, antivirus packages, and encryption tools were in place, they could leave IT security to the experts and focus on the other myriad elements of running a business.

Presumably, you're now very much aware that cybersecurity is something nobody can afford to ignore. Unless you hide from the world's media, you must know that hacks and data breaches regularly affect firms of all sizes. Often these incidents are significant enough to make the front pages, causing irreparable reputational damage to the companies involved.

If you're not worried about cybersecurity, you should be."