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Insurance Agency Technology Trends and Changes for 2018

Article from Agency Bloc

From the article:

"Each new year is an opportunity for insurance agencies to look back, reflect, and consider where improvements could be made. Many of these improvements might require new technology for the agency.

For the second year in a row, we conducted research to identify what technologies agencies are currently using and what changes they plan to make during this year. To determine this, we utilized a 24-question survey to ask questions regarding database management, commissions processing, and digital marketing and automation.

Respondents were a combination of 1-2 man shops to 20+ employee agencies whose core business included groups, individuals, and seniors. These agencies sell health insurance, life insurance, P&C, annuities, voluntary products, medicare, and final expense. Most of these agencies process and track commissions in their agency-only 17% indicated they don't.

Findings from our survey suggest that, in 2018, agencies will be considering new technologies to better manage their book of business, more efficiently track and process commissions, and will continue to devote resources to digital marketing and automation"